Ryan goes in for a professional shave.
Here's an idea of what he's treated to at the salon.

Taming the Texas Beauty

Texas Girlfriends Series - Book Three

"The romance is excellent, and the characters have a lot of chemistry between them. “Taming the Texas Beauty” will keep readers on edge with sizzling romance and suspense."
InD’tale Magazine, March 2017 Issue

"Vitek’s TAMING THE TEXAS BEAUTY keeps her readers on edge and holding their breath as the heart-wrenching ending unfolds."

~ John Kurtze on Amazon

"Ryan and Stephanie your story kept me wondering if you were really meant to be together!"

~ Liverpool Cathy on Amazon

"​This was a pretty great read. It has fun characters, sexy scenes, a little suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, and a great romance. I don’t believe much else makes for a great read!"

​~ Archaeolibrarian


Two years ago, Ryan Rogers was attracted to Stephanie Lockhart, but as the detective who brought down her criminal brother, getting close to her was out of the question. Now, ready to restart the relationship, he discovers her salon is connected to a series of high-end robberies.

In spite of losing her brother because of Detective Rogers, Stephanie hasn’t forgotten their attraction. It could be happily ever after when they meet once again…until she and her salon are implicated in 
crime, sending her world spiraling out of control.

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 Get ready to go back to Dallas, Texas!

Take one street-tough cop, add a high society salon owner,

toss in high-end home robberies, and you get trouble.