"Each writer gives the reader a different story with a little magic thrown in! It's quite true food leads to a mans heart!" ~ LiverpoolCathy on Food and Romance Go Together, Vol 1

"In typical romantic suspense style, it’s the suspense that keeps these characters apart more than their own choice. However, where sometimes the suspense seems overdramatized with its only purpose to keep the characters apart, that’s not the care here: the suspense feels very real..." ~ InD'tale Magazine on Taming the Texas Beauty

"I'm pleased when a book captures me early and keeps my attention until the end and Up Close and Personal certainly did that. There are multiple plot lines to follow and enough action that kept me from wanting to put this book down!" ~ Room With Books on Up Close and Personal

"Texas Two Step is a swirl of wounded relationships, tempestuous love, and spinning plot lines. The author does a terrific job starting things off with a bang and expertly keeping that heady pace through to the end." ~ InD'tale Magazine on Texas Two Step

"This sweet love story's focus is on family and relationships. The bond between the families and long time, small town friends is very refreshing." ~ InD'tale Magazine on Rescue Me

"This tautly woven story builds to a fever pitch as Vitek sorts out the good guys from the bad."

                                                                            ~ RT Book Reviews on Florida Heat

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April 2018
    Spring has sprung! But don’t curse me if winter dives back in dumping snow on us. As for me, I’m expecting more snow in Minnesota. Therefore, I will not be packing up my winter gear until mid-May. Okay, maybe the first of May.
     It’s interesting to write a book that takes place in a different season than the one you’re currently experiencing. Autumn Falls opens in late summer and goes through fall, with the possibility of going into winter. When writing, I rely on weather facts and my memory—which isn’t always that great. I believe I remember the good and positive things that happen in my life. Oh, some bad or negative memories are tucked in the recesses of my brain, but I don’t like to dwell on them. All four books in the Seasons of Change series now have boards on my
Pinterest page. You can see who the hero and heroines are, their pets, and tattoos. For Autumn Falls, you get to see more since it’s the book in progress. I love having visuals when writing. I have pictures of Autumn’s son and items she finds tucked away pinned to her board.
     Technology has changed parents’ involvement in their child’s schooling, at least in our district. Everything is online: assignments, handouts, videos, grades, etc. I bring this up because in my son’s eighth grade English class they’re learning about the Hero’s Journey, which is one of the methods an author can use when writing. There was a video, handouts and an assignment to write out the hero’s journey for one of their favorite books. As I writer, I was excited to see this. I love that they’re teaching this to the kids.
     The two tickets to Mayhem in the Midwest are still up for grabs. If you want to learn more about how to win the tickets and rules, click 
     As for what’s new in my personal life, not much. My daughter had her spring break earlier in March and my son’s was the last week of March. No big trips in this household. The big event in April for us? My grandmother turns 98 years old the first week of April. I am so thankful to have her in my life. When I think of everything I’ve seen, it amazes me to think of how much she has seen in her lifetime.
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