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"I'm pleased when a book captures me early and keeps my attention until the end and Up Close and Personal certainly did that. There are multiple plot lines to follow and enough action that kept me from wanting to put this book down!" ~ Room With Books on Up Close and Personal

"Texas Two Step is a swirl of wounded relationships, tempestuous love, and spinning plot lines. The author does a terrific job starting things off with a bang and expertly keeping that heady pace through to the end." ~ InD'tale Magazine on Texas Two Step

"This sweet love story's focus is on family and relationships. The bond between the families and long time, small town friends is very refreshing." ~ InD'tale Magazine on Rescue Me

"This tautly woven story builds to a fever pitch as Vitek sorts out the good guys from the bad."

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December 2017
     The writing world is quiet. There’s little to tell. Although, my writer’s group, Midwest Fiction Writers (MFW), held their annual holiday party this month. We celebrate the year and holiday with a potluck, raffle of donated items by members, and finish with the award ceremony. The food is always delicious and there are plenty of items to put raffle tickets in for the drawing. I won two raffle items this year. The biggest surprise was during the award ceremony. My

fellow MFW members honored me with the

2017 Writer of the Year award. I’m very humbled.

A lot has happened since November in my personal life.

My mother’s family learned that one of their brothers is

in dire need of a kidney. I immediately filled out and

submitted the online questionnaire to be a potential donor. “Passing” the questionnaire portion, I had to sign an Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information for Purposes of Organ Donation/Transplantation. Once they received that form, they sent me a blood kit to have blood drawn at a medical facility and sent to them for testing. The blood tests would determine whether or not I was a match for my uncle. The waiting was agonizing. Finally, I heard back, as did my aunt, on a Friday. Both of us were a match! Now came a difficult decision. They only allow one person to go through the further extensive testing. Which one of us would go through the process first? My aunt came to my house the day we both found out, and she told me she wanted me to go first since I’m younger and a little healthier than she is. We called my uncle and gave him the news. I then called to schedule my testing. The scheduler informed me that they were booked but not fully. She asked if Monday and Tuesday were a possibility for me and I jumped at grabbing the dates. She said she’d need to coordinate with the departments, see if they could make it work, and call me back. God was working in my favor. The scheduler worked magic and my tests were scheduled for four days.

The extensive testing is behind me, and as I write this I’m waiting to hear if I can give my uncle one of my kidneys. It is my Christmas wish that I can. It is my only wish. I’m willing to spend the holiday in the hospital for this to happen.

Thank you for a wonderful year. I’m looking forward to an even better 2018. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!


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